The Value of Professional Staging

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The Value of Professional Staging

Views very widely on the value of hiring a professional stager to prepare your home for sale. Many real estate agents swear by it and have years of sales to back up their claim. They cite their own impressions, sales history and anecdotal evidence to underscore that professional staging adds value to the home. On…Read More »

Should “Hidden” Costs of Buying a Foreclosure Keep me from Buying One?

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Should "Hidden" Costs of Buying a Foreclosure Keep me from Buying One?

While the housing market in most places certainly has improved and the number of foreclosed homes on the market has decrease, they will always be foreclosed homes available for purchase. Because of popular television show on house “flipping” and investment real estate, however, many buyers have unsubstantiated ideas of what buying a foreclosed home entails.…Read More »

Your True Colors

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color schemes for spring

Much of the fun of owning a home is decorating it to your taste and personality. Even on a low budget, subtle or dramatic changes to color can make your home truly yours. Check out these color schemes for this spring: Updated kitchen: Since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your…Read More »

How to Avoid Being House Poor

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How to Avoid Being House Poor

Buying a home is exciting. If you’re young, it gives you the sense of finally stepping into the adult world. If you’re at some other life change (marriage, starting a family, empty-nester) the idea of a larger (or smaller) space of your own gets those possibility juices flowing. But … in the heady rush into…Read More »

How Important are Rain Gutters to Home Maintenance?

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How Important are Rain Gutters to Home Maintenance?

If you’ve owned a home for a while, you know that water entering the home can be at least a hassle and at worst a cause of major destruction. Not only should keeping water from sneaking into those tiny cracks and crevices be a priority, it could make the difference between owning an asset and…Read More »

Is Flipping Houses a Good Idea These Days?

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Flipping Houses

Just ahead of the housing bubble, flipping houses was an investor pass-time. As home prices started to rise, many would-be real estate moguls bought houses to flip hoping that the prices would increase enough in a six-month period for them to make a profit. The concept spawned reality TV shows like Flip This House and…Read More »